EPM is empty

Hi guys!
We had a problem with our Deployment ID, so, we did a hardware reset and we configured a new deployment id.
After we moved our EPM license to the new Deployment ID, our EPM has back empty. I saw the information in the tables in our Mysql. Does anyone has the procedure that I should do to see my EPM information back?
I have the Freepbx full backup, but if I restore, will it do a restore of the old deployment id license (/etc/schmooze, etc) ?


We followed this URL. Our Freepbx / Sysadmin is licensed properly, and EPM is actived too… but when I go to EPM Module… no phones, no templates, nothing!

How are you worried about restoring the “old deployment ID” if you followed the steps in the link @lgaetz provided? That contradicts itself.

The licenses are tied to the Deployment ID, the Deployment ID is tied to the systems Ethernet MAC. If you reset the Deployment ID so it was no longer bound to a system, then activated the new system and selected “Use Existing Deployment ID” and assigned your freely reset one. Then you do have a problem. However, if you created a new Deployment ID (as it seems you did) when you activated the new PBX then your licenses would not be linked to it. Can you please clarify all the steps you took during this process?

You can safely restore your backups (proper backups) on the machine. The commercial modules will only work if the new machine has the proper licenses bound to its activated Deployment ID.

Hi Tom! I am asking before I do some mistaken. I dont know why, but using the option EXISTING DEPLOYMENT ID was not working. So, we did a Reset Hardware Lock, and activate System Admin using NEW DEPLOYMENT ID. Now, I am seing my EPM in my OLD deployment ID. The new one really does not have the EPM License.
In the OLD Deployment ID, I have in General tab, the button DEACTIVATE, and in the License tab, I have the RESET HARDWARE LOCK. I tried to find the /etc/schmooze/license file in my old backups, and it appears to be broken a long time… so restore this info is not an option. I have only the info of my templates and phones in my Database (Mysql) and if it is possible, I would like to reuse my EPM, and access my EPM data. Could you tell me what should I do?

You can contact Sangoma Support. They can help transferring the licenses or move your deployment id. That is really the only avenue now.

They can sort you out, no problem.

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