EPM Grandstream variables

Since the last update of EPM it appears you have added a lot more P values to the template file, which one again conflict with ones we have already set.

In particular I see you have added the following that use a variable. Where are these variables, (eg dndOn) set, I cant see them in the settings anywhere?

**# Do Not Disturb (DND) - On String **
P2344 = dndOn
**# Do Not Disturb (DND) - Off String **
P2345 = dndOff
**# Call Forward Busy - On String **
P26309 = cfbOn
**# Call Forward Busy - Off String **
P26310 = cfbOff
**# Call Forward Delayed (No Answer) - On String **
P26311 = cfnaOn
**# Call Forward Delayed (No Answer) - Off String **
P26312 = cfnaOff
**# Call Forward Unconditionally (All) - On String **
P26313 = cfaOn
**# Call Forward Unconditionally (All) - Off String **
P26314 = cfaOff


I’ll answer my own question, it was obvious, well should have been, ops. The values are taken from the feature codes in Freepbx.
Now to edit 44 templates with the new P values.