EPM / Grandstream 2160

We set up this PBX with about 10 Grandstream Phones (2160’s). We’d like to put this PBX in production but ran into an issue;

We’d like to have 2 extensions on one phone. For example, John (101), should have line 1 account 1 (Extension 101), and line 2 account 2 (Extension 201). That way when he dials out using line 2 he’ll be having a different external caller ID.

However, when I provision this using EPM, I see on the actual phone that it has provisioned, I see in the phone Web GUI that it has registered fine, but when the user dials out from that account, it doesn’t even hit the PBX, it just gives a busy signal right away, without even attempting the call. I’ve tried removing extra outbound routes that weren’t a must, and assigned him to the proper class of service groups, but to no luck…

Hi yankyok,

Thank you for your interested in Grandstream products.

It seems like you are having some routing issues, but it’s very hard to tell whether it’s a phone or PBX issue.
We urge you to open a case with us at helpdesk.grandstream.com and we will help you pull some traces and troubleshoot this issue.

Grandstream Support