EPM for Yealink EXP40 not honoring soft key NA setting

A minor but annoying bug:

In EPM, the Yealink EXP40 template does not honor the “NA” setting for the soft keys. Setting a key to “NA” and deploying the configuration causes the EXP40 to not change the key. I do not know if any other models are affected.

To replicate:

  1. In EPM, configure a soft key in any EXP40 template.
  2. deploy the configuration to a phone with an EXP40 attached.
  3. Note that the EXP40 correctly receives the soft key configuration.
  4. In EPM, set the same soft key to NA
  5. deploy the configuration to the same phone
  6. Note that the soft key in the EXP40 still has the configuration from step 1
    Expected result: the soft key on the EXP40 should be set to “N/A”

In looking at the .cfg file, the issue appears to be that the “expansion_module..key..type =” field is set to empty, causing the phone to just ignore the line and retain its previous value. For “NA” this field should be set to 0.

My current work-around is to log in to the phone directly and set the soft key configuration manually on the affected keys.

Distro 12.7.8-2104-1.sng7

Thank you.

I’m showing this as fixed in EPM versions, and

Thank you. I’ll check it on our next update cycle.

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