Epm for ucp second line

hi, i would like for users to be able to assign a line button on their phone to be the extension of their boss (personal assistant etc) so they can see if the boss is on the phone, but also pick up the line as well.
I was thinking that epm for ucp would allow this, so I purchased it. When i go in as a user to ucp and the epm widget, if I make button 2 ‘line’ then, it wants me to pick an account, but there seems to be no way to specify the extension…

so, can someone tell me if it is possible to do this with epm for ucp and if so, how?

thanks in advance

You will want to assign a BLF for the boss’ extension.

If you are using Sangoma Phones you can also enable BLF visual and audible alerts for when the bosses phone is receiving an incoming call, which means the assistants phone will beep, and they will have a pop-up on the screen of the phone showing the caller ID of the caller calling the boss, and allow them to pick up the call as well.

UCP setttings:

BLF alerts:

More in this wiki article: BLF Alerts - Phones - Documentation

No that is not possible in EPM for UCP as it requires you to map someone elses extension as a line key which would be dangerous to let some random user do that. Only you the admin can map a line key to be another extension from extension mapping. EPM for UCP is about changing butons like BLFs and such.

ok, i think that makes sense, so they could set up a BLF on their own, but BLF only allows you to observe if a call is ongoing, that would not allow you to pickup the call? do I have that right?

thanks again