EPM firmware update

Hi all,

Anyone knows what’s the schedule is on the EPM Binary update?
I see for example that the current GrandStream is 1.18 which is firmware for GXP2170, while there have been 17 new firmware on the GrandStream website, which brings the GXP2170 at

I’d be more than happy to participate in the open source firmware part of this, if someone explains the basics of what needs to be where.

Assuming you’ve posted in the correct category, you’re using the commercial EPM, which is not open source.

The GXP firmware versions bundled with EPM are the versions tested against the phone config generated. You can choose to upgrade the phone firmware to a newer version if you wish, you just need to carefully test and confirm that the phone config generated by EPM is compatible with the new firmware. Years ago, GS did a firmware release that blocked downgrading and also substantially changed the provisioning file format, so you need to step carefully.

hi -
So my issue is I bought the commercial EPM… and it is 17 firmware versions late. We’re talking about YEARS behind… I read on GS web site what firmware prevent downgrading. I understand it. I just wish for a commercial version, someone brushed up a little bit and kept this up to date.

The current EPM GS firmware version is from 2018…

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