EPM external provisioning over HTTPS

I cant seem to figure out how to externally provision our phones over HTTPS. I have it working over http right now. We use Yealink t48g and t48s phones. I’m using cert manager with a LE cert. I have the https provisoning port open in my router and when the phone trys to connect I see it hit the port. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Also provisioning protocols in sysadmin seem to not make any difference. Im on 10.13.66-22

I’m looking at the same situation here…
In your Endpoint Manager template for your Yealink phones do you have an option for HTTPS provisioning?

On my "Provision Server Protocol " I have HTTP… if I check the Sangoma template I see HTTP and HTTPS. As far as I know I’ve enabled everything in sysadmin

Which certificate are you using?

In my case I’m using a LetsEncrypt certificate obtained with the Certificate Management module. It’s marked as default and the only certificate in there.

Your right, there is only HTTP in the template. which is odd because as far as I know these phones support HTTPS.

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