EPM extension mapping with 550 extensions

We now have about 550 extensions on our system. Unfortunately EPM is now struggling when using the “extension mapping” option. It takes a long time to display all the extensions, and if you select an extension and choose a function like rebuild config, it thinks about it for a while, relists all the extensions but has not done the rebuild.
The only way now we can rebuild the config file for an extension is to go into the extensions menu, choose the extension and do a save on that page. That then does rebuild the config file. But that’s not very practical if we need to rebuild a lot of extensions.
Any suggests on improving the performance of EPM? Or maybe I need to report this as an issue?

What version are you using of EPM?


Previous version had same problem.

On extension mapping do you have global settings enabled to display IP address and reg status? If so this is very intensive as it has to get it all from Asterisk and not recommended for large systems.

Yes I did have those set. I’ve disabled them, but whist its a little faster to load the page, selecting an extension and doing a rebuild on it still does not work. It simply refreshes the screen, slowly, and the rebuild has not been done.

Is this something worth raise as an issue or a I expecting too much for it to handle 550 extensions?

No please open a issue report at issues.freepbx.org.

It will never be lightening fast but it should work just fine so something is wrong somewhere. My guess is a php limit issue

Yup you were correct a php limit issue.
There is a “php_value max_input_vars 5000” in /var/www/html/admin/.htaccess which I think is put in by installing EPM.
It was this value that was being exceeded. Changing this to 10000 on our system allows EPM to work, albeit it is very slow loading over 500 extensions. I suspect the only way around the slowness would be to break the extensions listed on screen down into smaller chunks either by number range or some other search parameter.

I’ll raise this parameter as an issue and it can be looked at sometime to see if it can be a configurable parameter or dynamically set from with in Freepbx based on the number of extensions defined.