EPM Duplicate not working for Grandstream GXP2160

I’ve setup templates for GXP2160 phones, which also include quite a few base file edits. When I try to duplicate any of these templates, the new template does not includes any of the original settings (apart from a few basic ones) eg soft keys are lost and none of the base file edits are duplicated?

Using End Point Manager version

What is the name of the template you are attempting to duplicate? In some cases, the naming scheme affects the outcome of duplication. Are you also experiencing this with any other Grandstream templates that you are attempting to create?

This problem appears to be the same on any Grandstream template we try and duplicate, I’ve not tried any other non Grandstream templates.
A typical template name we have used is facilities-2160

Because we do quite a few edits in the basefile, its a real pain to have to re-enter those edits on every new template we need rather than just duplicate an existing one.
At the moment we have found a work around albeit not very nice. We export an existing template, edit the csv file to change the template name, and then import it giving us a new duplicate template which does preserve all the basefile edits.

It would be nice and much simpler if duplicate template did this.

Soft keys are fixed in .39 I had the same issue in 2160 and it came of the presses today. I have already applied and tested.