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Hi All

I am planning on having a play with the OSS EPM but I am unable to remove the built in EPM even when I disable REST API?

Current PBX Version:
Current System Version:

Any ideas?

You don’t have to remove. Just click “Buy” in Admin > Module Admin > Settings > Endpoint Manager ($150 25 yr license), or go to portal.sangoma.com and get a 1 year license for $75

He’s trying just the opposite.

Yes chaps, trying to get rid of it temporary to have a play with the OSS EPM

fwconsole ma disable endpoint

Wouldn’t that be “fwconsole ma uninstall endpoint” if he wants to install OSS version?

Yes, but the commercial EPM relies on the REST API module, so you’d have to remove that first, and I’m pretty sure ‘one does not simply remove’ that module. It seems to me that the dependencies run pretty deep on that line.

Theoretically, if you “fwconsole ma remove module” enough times, you should be able to get down to the point that OSS EPM can be reinstalled.

This hasn’t been true since FreePBX 12. The dependency was removed in 13.

Cool. I guess it has been a while since this question came up the last time. Always remember, I’m old and sometime my memory isn’t so … squirrel.

Hi Guys

So what am I to do to have a play with OSS, what steps do I take to remove EPM?

Installing OSS EPM should be covered in the Module Admin section. Once you get the Commercial EPM uninstalled, installing the OSS version should work.

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