EPM can't reboot phones configured with PJSIP extension

EPM can’t reboot my D50 phones that are configured with PJSIP extension. I was testing this out as its the default option when creating an extension. Converting that extension to CHAN SIP the EPM is then able to reboot the phones. Can’t really use PJSIP if I can’t remotely reboot the phones after a config change?

For proper consideration please submit a bug in our issue tracker at http://issues.freepbx.org/ Please note all bugs, improvements, and feature requests must come through a bug report. If you also have a resolution or code for a new feature code can be submitted by way of patch or pull request on github. Please note to submit code you must complete a code submission agreement. All github pull requests should reference an active ticket.

Bug is filed now. Thanks


Not sure if PJSIP has support for sip_notify. This should be fun

Not sure either. Just came across this trying to rebuild configs and reboot phones and noticed it wasn’t working on the extensions with PJSIP.

Yes it’s supported but at this time EPM does not officially support pjsip devices

As a paying customer is there anyway to vote for PJSIP support within EPM? I just purchased the EPM license just to find out that all my PJSIP-configured phones will not be fully supported.

Opened a Feature request: FREEPBX-8423
Hope this is right.

We already support pjsip in EPM. All the work is done and published in EPM 12. Please note I would never recommend using Asterisk 12 or 13 in production has lots of issues still to work through.