EPM can't download firmware


Testing with Commercial EPM on FreePBX Distro 3.211.63-10.

When I try to download firmware, after dragging the desired firmware version into the firmware slot boxes (e.g. for Aastra, slot 1 is 1.04, slot 2 is 1.03), and clicking Submit, I get a message “Firmware download failed. Please resubmit to try again.” for both firmware slot boxes. The firmware version number in the box changes to “undefined” at this point. After waiting a few seconds without clicking on anything, I get a Firefox prompt saying I must resend form information to view the page. At this point, clicking the option to resend just re-displays the same browser form resend box and re-clicking the option to submit the form just re-displays the form resend box no matter how many times I choose to resend form information. This is with Firefox 23.0.

I tried completely uninstalling Commercial EPM and re-installing but got the same result.

Tim Miller Dyck


I will have Luke respond here as this has been a nagging issue that I thought we had tracked down to Firefox with a fix. I know it does not happen in Chrome.

We are still testing the fix and have not rolled it out yet. To work around this issue, you can use Chrome or Safari to drag the “undefined” out of the firmware box to available, then drag the version you would like into the correct slot and submit.

Thanks, Luke and Tony. The firmware download worked fine when I used Chrome.


Stupid Cross Browser stuff. Why cant we just standardize on one browser.