EPM - Cannot set time zone in the templates

Time zone field is not allowing entries for time zone so my phones are showing strange times.
Any Ideas why?

What system? Which version?

10.13.66-21 32 bit Distro

Works for for me. Maybe starting with what brand phone could help


Works for me here.

Is it a possibly a Chrome problem?

Clicking on the right down arrow just produces a blue field underneath, no choices.

Reboot? Another browser?

Manually setting the phones for timezone takes care of the time display. Interesting that I can’t find timezone in the Aastra phone based GUI for my current firmware version. Time server setting is there.

Same in Edge Browser. I assume it is supposed to be a list box but no list.

Do I need to go to Sangoma for the EPM or can someone just pass this along.

You need to open a ticket.