Added an extension using template “grandstream”, template grandstream has GXP2200EXT-1, within it’s config and we have a few BLF’s.
In EPM - Mapping, we select the expansion module 1 for that extension, and select GXP2200EXT-1.
Brand, phone model, template all confirmed with GXP-2170 and GXP2200-EXT-1.

Rebuild and update, didn’t work, erased phone, didn’t work.
Verified the CFG file for the MAC does include the names of the people typed into the BLF buttons on the extension.

Any ideas?

One more note: We were able via web interface of the phone, to add a BLF, name and number and it works.


I wouldn’t call it a bug. The EPM will never fully support 100s of devices. In some cases new phone firmware versions break things and e.g. Cisco phones never worked with EPM…they just have basic functionality. Even Digium/Sangoma D series phones work much better with the Digium phones config module. Although I once bought an EPM license, I soon deactivated it on my freePBX machines…

I realized that “fully functional” (some guys here in the forum) translates to “I can make and receive calls” :wink: …no BLF, no central phonebook…nothing

I am not sure why you say this. It’s true that EPM doesn’t have a lot of newer devices, and I’m not sure if you are aware, but cisco phones are designed to work with cisco’cs systems, everyone knows that getting cisco phones to work with non cisco systems can sometimes be painfully hard.
We have several systems with hundreds of devices that have a mix of Sangoma, Yealink & Polycom phones, it FULLY works!

Again, I do want to see newer Polycom, Yealink and other brands such as Akuvox & Fanvil added to EPM as well.

Sorry if my posting sounds harsh…but it should be clearly stated in the info of the EPM that many supported devices need some manual fixes. I am aware of the Cisco problem…yet, I used Cisco 7975 and 8961 phones for a long time, because the hardware is/was excellent…
I always patched Asterisk for the Ciscos and I configured them using the xml-config-file, not the EPM. The problem was/is that the SIP firmware from Cisco is a joke and only a few versions work 100%. I decided to buy Sangoma phones, which are supposed to work with freePBX. The s705, when I tested it the first time (more than 1 year ago) was a mess, with or without EPM. Fortunately, I also bought a Digium/Sangoma D65…and finally I found MY phone!!! :wink:

I am curious what the mess was?
I used a S500 since almost after they released it until the beginning of the year when I switched to Yealink for testing purposes. (And then we sold my heavily used s500 during the pandemic when a client of ours was desperate to get a phone next to where I live ASAP)
So what was the mess?

Well this is offtopic, but lets say it is an example of a fully-supported EPM phone :wink:

This was in January 2019 with current firmware:

  1. The Sangoma s705 phone constantly lost the BLF-Button info (red/green light) of other extensions.
  2. The audio was very poor compared to Cisco or Digium phones
  3. When you hang up (e.g. during voice mail check) , you heard a squeak…which sounded very cheap
  4. The display was/is built in up-side-down…regarding the viewing angle & brightness…it looked best, when you looked at it from above
  5. The phone regularly lost it’s registration
    This was with freePBX EPM…

I have to admit that things improved since. I still have this phone sitting on my desk (for testing). Yet, it still has the poorest audio of all of my phones…I use g.722 codec…and the display is still a problem. I would never recommend this phone…and I would never recommend EPM, based on my experience in 2019. But maybe things improved with EPM…after all, many devs left the freePBX team since…

EDIT: I forgot about the phone apps…whenever you pressed a button the latency was way too long compared to e.g. the Digium phone apps. Another thing, which was very annoying: when you open the phonebook and you want to filter/search by name…the standard setting for the filter is always digits not letters. Who wants to search a phone number by entering the number? You always have to press the abc button first. Who designs something like this???

I can’t follow exactly the report here, but it looks like you have a config issue with a sidecar. Please open a proper support ticket so they can get to the bottom of it: https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPAS/How+To+Open+A+Support+Ticket

Thanks @lgaetz will do!

@Charles_Darwin These sidecars and phones have been supported for some time, which is why I tend to buy them.

Based on my description do you think I missed any steps on my side?

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