EPM Broken in FreePBX15?

Asterisk 15.7.3

Trying to add sangoma DB20 Dect base station into endpoint manager. I enter in all the info and click “save basestation” and the ui just sits there… nothing happens. if I select another page in EPM and then go back, there are no base stations listed.

Under the default sangoma template I have DB20 selected.

Is this a known issue?

@ashcortech Could you please give a try with the latest endpoint v15.0.27.2?

did a module update, nothing came up. Is that an Edge Track version?

switched to edge and still nothing comes up… only

Could you try with the below command ?
“fwconsole ma downloadinstall endpoint --tag”

Ok, that worked. I was able to save the base station… Now for the next issue (which honestly was the first issue)…

I’m trying to add in a Sangoma Dect DM20 with 3 handhelds. Following the wiki instructions I should be able add the extensions to the base station in EPM, put in their IMEI’s, then configure the base station via it’s web interface, save and restart it and the extensions should be there and read for the handsets to register.

Problem is… the base station gui show only two of the 3 IMEI’s. It drops the first one and duplicates the third. So it looks as if it’s not pulling the data properly from the freepbx database for the extensions.

So in EPM under Extension mapping I have:
Ex 202, IMEI 02EB687DF4
Ex 203, IMEI 02EB687E52
Ex 204, IMEI 02EB687DC2

But in the base station web gui these get imported as:
Ex 202, IMEI 02EB687E52
Ex 203, IMEI 02EB687DC2
Ex 204, IMEI 02EB687DC2

The first IMEI is dropped and any subsequent ones after the second use the IMEI from the second extension… Def seems like a db query issue to me. But now I’m stuck not being able to add extensions to the base station.

All config for the DB20 is done in EPM, you don’t need to login to the base station beyond defining a provisioning URL if you are not using redirect.

With the these devices, you sometimes NEED to do a reset to factory defaults to purge previous config if it is conflicting with new config in prov files.

Igaetz, yes, I did everything in EMP then just pointed the base station at the PBX as instructed in the wiki.

So I was a bit ahead of you and factory rest the base station and now it IS pulling in the extensions properly. However, not I can’t get one out of the three extensions to register to the base station…

nevermind… found it… IMEI fat finger on the number…

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apparently you have to factory default the Basestation every time you make a change on the PBX so that it gets the right data… annoying but not horrific.

Ugh… the fun continues…

Now I can’t get he handsets to have the correct time on them. They’re exactly one hour ahead and not matter what I do. all other phones (non dect) have the proper time. The time setting in the base station gui seems correct…

Any suggestions?

found it… sangoma template in EPM…


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