EPM best practices for hands-free provisioning of Grandstream?

I bought some Grandstream GXP2130’s and before I begin provisioning them, I was curious if there were any best practices for making them provision easily out-of-the box without anyone from IT even touching the phone.

I basically want to scan the Mac Address barcode and assign it an extension (easily done), then hand the staff member the box to plug in and set up themselves (this is an extreme example to emphasize the simplicity I’m looking for).

My current Elastix based system (with the OS EPM) only uses tftp, so I have to manually touch each phone and tell it to use TFTP instead of the factory default of HTTP. I also have to manually configure each phone’s dial plan because some curly brackets get borked between the GUI and the generation of the config file (this is likely due to the older EPM code and probably a bad template file to begin with, so I’m not as worried about this).

Any thoughts?

Do you guys put your VOIP server on a separate VLAN? If so, is there a best practice for configuring the phone’s VLANs (including the LAN port’s VLAN) without needing to touch the phone before initial provisioning? Possibly a separate provisioning server on the LAN? LLDP (which I know nothing about) to get the phone on the right VLAN initially?

Thanks in advance!

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