EPM Basefile Editor enter a string plus a variable

I’m trying to configure some specific stuff in the basefiles, but I’m running into the problem of combining normal text with a variable. I want to include a static string of text followed by an underscore and then the extension number of the phone. Like:


The 111111 is the same for every phone, but the 201 changes with the phone.

Also, since variables are defined by two underscores, this makes having an underscore that I actually want harder.

Is it possible to combine both the variable and a string?

Did you try escaping your underscore?


Works just fine for me without escaping. I chose a parameter at random and programmed it as follows:


Which resulted in this in the xml:

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I recently (after I first posted this) switched over to a local server instead of using a hosted solution, and it appears like it is working how it should now. I tried escaping it, and that actually didn’t work, but it works like a charm the way I was trying earlier.