EPM and Sangoma s705

Hi all ,
I have sangoma phones s705 and Pbxact when i provision the phone it takes the template i have assign to that phone, if i change any setting on that template like add new BLF or speed dial or anything it won’t change the phone, the phone shows the message on the screen prevision success but no change happened on the phone.
Thank you

and you are submitting save and update phones when doing so ?

does the config file created have the associated changes for the mac ?

you can open a ticket either on the phone or for the PBXact system - either the config file isnt being updated for that mac in question or the provisioning isnt reaching out to the correct file

tail -f /var/log/httpd/access_log | grep -i sangoma

running the above (assuming you are using http for prov ) should show the phone receiving a 200ok for the config file

if you cant figure it out open a ticket and we’ll get it resolved

Thank you for fast respond
Yes the config is create,
Yes im saving and update phones, the phone shows like it is getting the changes but no change is there
I will open a ticket thank you

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