EPM and Rest Phone Applications disabled after module upgrade

Ran module upgrades 5 minutes ago.

2 modules were disabled due to conflicts in the upgrade (Endpoint Manager and Rest Phone Applications).
Rest Phone Apps rely on EPM. EPM relies on Bulk Phone Restart.

Bulk phone restart upgraded from 13.0.3 to 13.0.4.
EPM did not upgrade from 13.0.3 to 13.0.4.
Which in turn prevented RestApp from also upgrading to 13.0.4 to

Attempting to update EPM after the fact shows this.

Error(s) installing endpoint:
Failed to install EndPoint Manager due to the following conflicting module(s): Bulk Phone Restart

I was able to work around this by disabling Bulk Phone Restart, upgrading the other two modules, re-enabling Bulk Phone Restart.

Not sure if this was a fluke issue with the upgrade or something larger. But wanted to post it here in case anyone else runs into the issue.

Not a fluke, Bulk Restart can conflict with EPM if both are installed so recent versions of EPM will now not install if BR is present. Obviously REST Apps requires EPM, so it was affected as well in your upgrade.

Why do they conflict? Is Bulk Restart not necessary anymore (never used it personally).

I think it would be better to disable Bulk Restart instead of two commercial apps that are being used. lol


  1. Both BR and EPM are installed
  2. EPM is upgraded
  3. during the upgrade, EPM install runs and discovers that BR is already installed. EPM reinstall stops and user is informed.

I don’t know what the conflict is specifically.

created this on the matter - i’ve seen this undesirable behavior as well