EPM and Multiple accounts on different PBX

I have a Grandstream GXP2170 with the latest version of Firmware (but my questin should be relavent to any phone that supports multiple accounts) setup on a freepbx 14 (#1) via EPM with all the buttons configured. In EPM I added a button “default” with account #2 configured for PBX #2 and another one with “default” account #3 configured for PBX #3. I can manually configure the accounts on the phone and get all 3 lines working as different extension numbers on the 3 PBX (all same version). Everything works fine until I reboot the phone and then the account information for #2 and #3 get wiped out and I have to manually re-enter. The phone is “managed” by EPM on PBX#1.

Temporarily I removed the provisioning config from the phone to stop it from downloading from PBX#1 and over writing the account #2 and #3 info.

  1. Whats the correct way to configure 1 phone for 3 different extensions on 3 different PBX’s
  2. How do I enter the account information on EPM to properly configure the phone for all 3 accounts?
  3. I see entries in the basefile edit for multiple accounts but I dont see any options to add the SIP account info (I assume because EPM is assuming all accounts will be on the same PBX which doesn’t make sense)

You need to create custom extensions in EPM then map these extensions with Account 2, 3 etc with the same MAC as account 1.

See here: https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/EPM-Admin+User+Guide#EPM-AdminUserGuide-CustomExtensionManagement

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OK that looks like it will work. I will try that. Thanks. I assume I only do this on PBX1 which I assume is the only one managing this phone? (i.e. its the primary PBX for this phone)


OK I setup the custom extension numbers 119 and 2000, how do I indicate in the template that the custom extension is on that button?

Did you read the wiki?

You setup a line button for each account, make sure to select account 1, account 2 & account 3. Then in extension mapping, map the right extension which the right account.

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ok, think I have it. Thanks.

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