EPM and Cisco Handsets

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(Andy Thompson) #1

Why is it that the EPM doesnt seem to support Cisco 78xx and 88xx series multi-platform handsets?
Model numbers CP-78xx and CP-88xx

These are the SIP version not the Cisco call manager version of the software that runs on them, so they will work happily with FPBX and asterisk.

These handsets have been around for a couple of years now, and supersede the SPA series. They use the same kind of XML format for provisioning, and yet they dont seem to be supported on EPM at all!

(Dave Burgess) #2

Because commercial support for these would require support from Cisco. The OSS EPM might be a better choice for supporting these phones. I’ve also heard rumors that the SCCP-Manager module from GitHub may offer support for these phones, but I’ve never tried is. @andreadiotta might be able offer a more definitive answer.

(Andy Thompson) #3

I dont see why that would be the case. They are designed for multi-platform, i.e any sip based PBX.
Besides, its not hard to work out the xml field names as they match the names on the web admin screen for the phone and most of them are the same as the SPA series phones anyway.

It just requires someone to do the base config file for EPM I would think. If I knew how to do it myself I would!

(Dave Burgess) #4

OK - you probably know best.

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