EPM and Aastra 6757i phones

I see this phone is listed as supported in some way but there are no details as to what functionality EPM Pro would add.

What would the phones be able to do besides just being a dumb phone?

We have S500s for general use but are considering using some spare Aastras if possible.

To be pedantic, there is no such thing as EPM Pro. The commercial Endpoint Manager can be either licensed for free or have a paid license. The free version allows you to provision only Sangoma devices, the paid version will provision the devices listed on this page.

Endpoint manager allows you to manage device configuration, without touching the device. If you want to add a BLF button to a fleet of manually configured phones, you must configure each individually. With EPM you make a template change and deploy the change to your phones in a few seconds/minutes.

A subset of the EPM supported devices are also supported by the Phone Apps Module. This is licensed separately from EPM. The free licence allows you to configure Sangoma devices with Phone Apps, the paid version allows you to configure any supported devices.

From your link I see that the 6757i has a ‘yes’ in each column.

Does that mean that with the “EndPoint Manager + UCP for EPM” at $149 I could easily configure these phones to function basically as they currently do on a 2.11 PIAF system?

I have a couple of 2.11 systems using about 10 of these phones. I would like to shift them over to the current distro but they are not prepared to replace the phones.

If the phones can retain roughly their existing functionality [*] then the cost of the EPM upgrade would be well worth it.

[*] They would need just some basic facilities:

  • Parking
  • Buttons to call extensions

Yes. Full basic functionality (BLF and speeddial buttons, account registrations, MWI, etc) is what you get with EPM. If you want the advanced features like Visual Voicemail App, visually browsing parking lots, etc, then you need the Phone Apps license as well.

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