EPM - Alert Info and Yealink phones

Hi there. We’ve got Yealink SIP-T26P phones. We want to use distinctive ring for incoming calls.

I found that I can add this to the Alert Info line on the Incoming Route: http://localhost/;info=MainLine

Then, if I manually go into the web interface on the Yealink, I can go to Settings, Ring, then add MainLine as Internal Ringer Text, and choose the Internal Ring File I want (Ring3). That works fine.

However, I don’t want to manually edit each phone so want to add the settings in the Endpoint Manager. I went into Basefile Edit and added the following under v70 Style:

Parameter: AlertInfo0.Ringer Value: 3
Parameter: AlertInfo0.Text Value: MainLine

I can see these entries in the resulting config file, but when I apply the config to the phone, the Settings, Ring settings are blank and it doesn’t work.

How do I add the Alert Info settings to the config in the Endpoint Manager?

Thanks for your help!