EPM - Adding an Aastra S850i

Wiki says “Requires uploading the config file that EPM generates into the phone manually”.
But where do I find the config file… and how do I generate one for this model conference phone?

I’m running FreePBX 12.0.57 and EPM

You can not anymore. They broke everything in that phone and do not support any outside provisioning.

meh… then manual config it is. thanks.

hmm I’m having trouble getting this phone to register.
If I’m using EPM, there isn’t anything that would prevent me from manually putting in the SIP settings in the phone, is there?
Like I wouldn’t need to register it’s MAC address anywhere or even have an entry in EPM since I’m manually inputting everything… right?

nevermind… dumb mistake on my part. I fat-fingered the spelling of my sip server. :stuck_out_tongue: