EPM - Aastra line and second extension line config

Turned on EPM but phones don’t connect. Can’t find any info on configuring lines on Aastra (57i, 6737i). Sangoma example describes setting lines but can’t find equivalent setup for my Aastra devices.

Adding additional extension/line mappings is straight forward in OSS. Does not seen intuitive in EPM. Need some help here, maybe example.

Not sure precisely what you mean by ‘lines’ but believe this is what you’re looking for:


Thanks, I did see that. Actually, I was not able to locate that ability in the Aastra configs. Only found top soft keys and softkeys, no line setting.

Lines on the 57i are built-in hard buttons. I am using EPM and 57i’s so should be able to help.

Dustin, Great!
I took an image copy of my disk before attempting to convert to EPM. I was able to discover how to set up the soft buttons but unable to get * to connect to the phones or discover how to configure the line buttons (123 for business, 4 for home), I restored the backup and am now back on OSS.

The docs show configuring line buttons for two accounts on Sangoma. The EPM config for Aastra is not showing that option so I need clues.

Ms Rabbit:

Unless I have completely misunderstood what you are trying to do, the section on wiki page I linked above shows how to do this. You create two separate entries on the Extension Mapping page, both with the same model number and MAC address, and each mapped to a different line and extension number. Perhaps you’re trying to register to two separate PBXs on the same phone, in which case there are more steps involved.

Ah. I am unfamiliar with what you have set up there. I only use line2 and line3 as spillover lines which happens automatically and aastra phones have hard line keys. The Sangoma phones do not and I believe that is why they show configuring line keys in their documentation. Continue reading with caution. No idea what I am talking about. Line 1 and 2 are registering to separate extensions? That might be done with accounts. Each soft key in a template for a phone model has an associated account. You might be able to do what you are looking for by creating a template for the model and setting the soft keys and top soft keys for accounts. Through extension mapping, when you map an extension to a mac address, you choose an account per extension. You might be able to associate one extension with account 1 and another with account 2.

Does account=Line? The example on the wiki shows configuration for “Line1”. There is no configuration for the Line keys on the aastra templates. You can choose a softkey type of Line and choose a different account but SoftKeys and Top Soft Keys are the only configurable options for Aastras.

I tried choosing the Line option for Top Soft Key 1 & 2 with different Accounts but didn’t seem to help and it was almost midnight so I didn’t have much time left. I turn from a princess back into lowly maid at midnight.
I decided to get more information rather than just experiment.
One would think that Account settings create a multi-client setup but I couldn’t find the definition for “Account” in EPM so I am not sure. A sort of multi-client is really what I am shooting for, business & home extensions on the same devices.

Still haven’t any instructions for doing this in EMP. Can someone help?

Read the wiki admin guide on EPM. It’s all in the guide. It’s not hard to do.

Of course I did. I am back on OSS at the moment but I will try again, but my experience did not appear to match the wiki for my Aastras. No option to configure lines.

I linked the exact section of the wiki above for how to do this, and then summarized it in another post. There is nothing special about Aastra, all multiline phones are configured the same way in EPM.

I have two separate entries both using the same template and mac address. See the pics:

Line 1:

Line 2:

Thanks, I will reload the disk image with EPM and go over it again to see why I am having difficulty.

So, as I have asked… Where are the line settings?

Similar to…

Read the wiki. It clearly states what to do. Not sure why this is so hard for you. It clearly lays out how to do it.

You are not being helpful. I have clearly searched and read the wiki and if you feel there is content that I need to see please be more exact so I can respond as to whether it is relevant to my difficulty. Does it describe how to configure my Aastra Lines considering that I have been unable to discover any EPM feature referring to line settings? If so please point it out.

I linked to the exact section in the wiki with step by step instructions and screen caps. I summarized in another post. @rjdalejr did it again making 3 times in this thread. It is all here and has been for days.

Does this look anything like my image from EPM for my 6737i posted above. The Extension setups are not a problem and are working. I just can’t get discover how to configure the LINE KEYS.