ENUM trunk

hi there
using trixbox 2.2
i am unable to create an enum trunk
i go to setup
put my name and number in display and then submit
nothing happens
i dont see any red bar at the top
what is causing this
any help would be appreciated

this was fixed and comitted in r3756 / r3757 on 2/8 which means it should be in 2.2.1 (which came out after that). The bug would still be in 2.2.0.

That fixed it! Thanks!!!

I have exactly the same problem. FreePBX 2.2.1 running on trixbox.

might be related to this http//www.freepbx.org/trac/ticket/1758

its a cut and paste from another site

Here is from whirlpool net Dave00 solution that worked for me:

ENUM fix for FreePBX 2.2.1 bug -

Finally got it to work! Was changing the wrong file in the wrong directory!

Got this from another poster :

nano -w /var/www/html/admin/modules/core/p­age.trunks.php

Edit this file, and go to line 720:

Bad Line:
?php if ($tech == “sip” || $tech = “iax2”) { ?

Good Line:
?php if ($tech == “sip” || $tech == “iax2”) { ?