ENUM lookup not working


Just been playing around with ENUM after watching Kerry’s video tutorial.

I set up two trixboxes, one in the UK and one in France and registered and tested everything with e164.org

I could not get the enum to lookup, and the logs seem to suggest it was coming back with zero results, so I started to put some debug in /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/enumlookup.agi

What it seems is that the real number that is dialed is passed over to this script so

01962 555555 gets passed to the script as 01962 555555
0044 1962 555555 gets passed as 0044 1962 555555

from what I can work out the script wants

441962 555555 to do the lookup

I forced an Outbound Route to do enum only and dialed 441962555555 and sure enough it worked.

So I guess my questions are

Is the script supposed to be given the numbers correctly formated.
Or should the script be reformating them.

Apologies if I am being thick here, or missing something obvios.

If the script needs to be altered I am happy to write a quick regex, but I may need some help to know what has to happen for other countries as my knowledge extends to UK and France.



In your dial rules for your Enum trunk, try putting:


This should strip the 00 before it goes out.