Entering a calling card/conference # or any digit after the call get initiated

I’m new to this so please have some sympathy for me. :slight_smile:

My problem is as following: The call gets initiated and the call goes through. Then if, for example, we call the bank or a conferencing number and it asks to enter an account number or any other number after the call. Most of the time the system on the other end does not accept the numbers we entered. I have to type it in really slow. It happens on all the phones, and doesn’t make a deference where the call gets terminated (In the US, overseas). What I did find, if I use my POT lines I don’t have this issue.

Running FreePBX
I have about 30 IP Phones.
1 SIP provider
2 ZAP (pot) lines

Can anyone help… :slight_smile:


Check with your SIP trunk provider for their supported DTMF modes.

Ensure that your trunk setup includes one of the supported options.

I have. I just got off the phone again with my SIP provider. They clam to have fixed whatever issue they had but it’s still not working. I checked all my IP phones and I think the settings on the phone system is correct.
Still having issues.

What codec are you using?
dtmfmode=rfc2833 or dtmfmode=info
in the trunk settings.
try also relaxdtmf=yes
Do a reload each time you change the trunk settings

Thanks for your respond.
I changed dtmdmode from auto to rfc2833 and I’m using g729, and it was not working.
Just got off the with my SIP Provider and the made some changes to my account. he just changed the codec to g711. I’ll do some testing.