Entered invalid extention in static agent error


I was following some info from here: http://www.freepbx.org/trac/wiki/Queues

I read this:

“These are devices that are always logged into the queue. This is useful if you have an agent that is not directly
connected to the FreePBX PBX, but is telecommuting. You can put their number is prepended with a # to signify that it
should be treated as an external device. The number will be routed as if it was dialed from a normal extension, so
dial rules in Outbound Routing and trunks are matched as per normal.”

I was pretty tired so I input “#92x-xxx-xxxx” (instead used my cell DID)which is not set up as an extension anywhere in freepbx under dynamic or static agents in the queue gui. I can’t remember which one. I hit save and nothing seemed to save.

Now in our home made .php call queue monitor screen we have all extensions listed as well as a "Local/#92XXXXXXXX@from-queue/n
listed as well. I assume the attempt to enter the number was not reflecting in the gui but pushed to some config file somewhere.

data from cli I think shows

[28] =>
Event: QueueMember
Queue: 22
Name: Local/#92XXXXXXXX@from-queue/n
Location: Local/#92XXXXXXXX@from-queue/n
Membership: static
Penalty: 0
CallsTaken: 0
LastCall: 0
Status: 1
Paused: 0

Where can I look and what files to delete this error?

Super Thanks Ahead!

Don’t be tired when you do this stuff, you will need a sharp mind.

You were probably actually advised to post-pend the # for a call to an external “extension”, no?

Yes I believe so I was under the noob impression it would join my mobile into the queue…

It will if you do it correctly, if you don’t do it correctly, then the result will be not necessarily what you wanted.

Yes my main goal is now we have a lcd monitor running in our office with basic extensions status of each and calls waiting in queue. They are kind of lazy and the red calls flashing on the screen almost get them going with glee again. I did not code the queue monitor (php) and the pretty gui has one extension with the description "Local/#9252196323@from-queue/n " right in the middle of their extensions. The chi is gone from this display now and our office can’t really stop asking me how to make it go away.

if this extension stayed in the freepbx gui I could remove it. But I can’t because the freepbx gui has only the qualified extensions listed in it.

any clues?

Haha guess some could call me now if they wanted lol

I don’t recognize that display output. You say you didn’t code it, does that mean it is totally an in-house development or is there information somewhere on the web for it?

we coded it in-house but it is just echo-ing quemembers. So the point is I need to remove the extension via some other way than the free pbx gui since the extension is rater stuck in there.

A PBX reload will rebuild all the dynamic config files. If nothing is showing up in the GUI then it won’t be in the files.

As for existing members, you can do [font=Courier]queue remove member <channel> from <queue>[/font] to remove a member. [font=Courier]queue show[/font] will display the members.

Remember…all that stuff is in the database…freepbx updates the database and then generates the files needed. So you could look in the database and remove the entry and then have freepbx regenerate the files.

Thank you for the info… moved everything to esxi anyway but now I have a better understanding.