Enhancing DPMA functionality within Endpoint Manager

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Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that we have improved the Endpoint Manager functionality to provide a smooth experience to configure the Sangoma D Series IP phones using "Digium Phone Module for Asterisk (DPMA)" to ensure a secure, easy provisioning process and to take advantage of the power of Asterisk.

Major highlights of the changes are, better integration of DPMA using asterisk to provide secure provisioning, template improvements to provide better control on BLFs, Ringtones, Display, LED, etc settings, Hot Desking, and adding VPN support as well for D series phones.

Please refer to the EPM DPMA wiki to know more details.

Release - Endpoint Manager v15.0.38+ or v14.0.67+.

We are continuously striving to improve Endpoint Manager to provide a best-in-class experience for provisioning Endpoints with FreePBX. Please provide feedback by either raising issues on this commercial module via a Support ticket or submit feature requests or improvements to enhance this module’s functionality.

A big shout out goes to below FreePBX Engineering and QA team members who have put tremendous effort into the development and validation of this enhanced functionality.

  1. Mohit Mishra
  2. Walter Moon
  3. Santhosha M

Thank you for using FreePBX,
Kapil Gupta

Digium D80 - EPM - No Unassigned Extensions
(Lorne Gaetz) #2

This is the first visible step in Sangoma’s renewed commitment to D series phones in FreePBX. We know that EPM support has been weak, and are striving toward an experience where Sangoma D series is equal or better to S series phones.

Today’s version is only the first step, as it does not yet fully support the D80 phone, nor are native D phone apps supported yet (XML Phone Apps are fully supported). Expect to see announcements for that in the near future.

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The future looks bright…excellent decision…thanks to the freePBX Dev team! :smiley:

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