Endpoints status

With “pjsip show endpoints” I usually get:

Endpoint:  223/223                                              Unavailable   0 of inf
     InAuth:  223-auth/223
        Aor:  223                                                1

I have a pbx with few endpoints showing:

 Endpoint:  210/210                                              Unavailable   0 of inf
    OutAuth:  210-auth/210
     InAuth:  210-auth/210
        Aor:  210                                                1

with that “OutAuth” never seen

Why is this and what does it mean ?

You need to update your modules. There was a bug where extension endpoints where getting an out-auth section added which was completely unneeded. I know this was updated for v17 not sure if it got back ported to 15/16.

Modules already updated…

Then they haven’t back ported the fix to 16. It’s not something to worry about really.