Endpoints not registering - FreePBX 15 and Commercial Endpoint

Just installed a fresh FreePBX 15 with Asterisk 16. Purchased and enabled the Commercial Endpoint Manager.

Factory reset our phones.
Used Endpoint Manager to scan subnet.
Found phones and mapped extensions.

They appear in the Extension Mapping.

But the phones are not rebooting. They are not getting the Extension info. They are not getting firmware. Nothing.

It’s as if the Endpoint Manager is not fully functional - as if it updates itself but never pushes the info the the phones.

I’m using Grandstream gxp2130 and gxp2140 phones.

This is immediately problematic as this means our site with 60+ phones is down.

We’ve used FreePBX and the Endpoint Manager with great success for 5+ years. This is the first time using it with the newest release of FreePBX. So I’m wondering what sort of bugs may be lingering - and how can I diagnose this problem?

Provisioning is never ‘pushed’ from the pbx, it is always ‘pulled’ by the phone. The phones must be provided a provisioning URI either manually by configuring the phone or automatically using a DHCP option.

Thanks for the clarification on how the provisioning goes.

It’s interesting how the my perception of the process is driven by the GUI. I use the Endpoint Manager to find phones. Then I “tell” the server which phones should be used - so my perception is the server is responsible for “making the phones do something”.

So, once phones are discovered by a Network Scan and I assign them an extension and phone template … why do some phones magically reboot and others do nothing? It’s as if some phones are getting instructions “pushed” to them while others are not.

Or … is it purely coincidental?
That some phones reached some scheduled time to reach out and subscribe to a server

We’ve been physically powering off/on the phones and now they’re picking up their provisioned extensions.

I’ve also discovered that in provisioning phones that nothing happens when you press “go”. Instead I need to make the config changes and wait anywhere from 5-minutes to 1-hour. Perhaps I’m expecting too much too soon with this.

When you issue a ‘update phone’ command in EPM, Asterisk sends a SIP NOTIFY to the phone telling it to provision itself. Obviously this can only work when the phone is registered. If the phone is not registered, it won’t receive the NOTIFY and won’t reprovision.

I have a bunch of 2130’s as well and you have to do a fair amount of base file editing in order for them to work.
Of course, Lorne is right that the phone has to be registered before you can reboot it, however, on the grandstreams, i needed to set this parm in the base file for the reboot to work

Disable SIP NOTIFY Authentication. 0 - No, 1 - Yes. Default is 0 Number: 0,1 Mandatory

P4428 = 1

good luck

Thank you all for your replies and insights.

Our phone system is up and running. I may have done things a little backwards. We have an older FreePBX v13 with a partially failed upgrade to v14 that was limping along. I built a fresh v15 and replaced the broken older system.

I was trying to avoid having to reset all phones to factory defaults.

My solution was to copy the Secret value from the Extension and paste it into each phone’s Account > General Settings > Authenticate Password on the Grandstreams. Then forced each phone to restart. It took a while and some phones would immediately register while others would take 30-minutes to register.

I thing Tony’s suggested basefile edit is something I should implement.

At this point I’m satisfied with the outcome - though I’ll admit a high level of stress most of the day while getting 60+ phones re-registered with the fresh installation of v15.

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