Endpoints missing from other tab under extensions

I am using FreePBX when I go to an extension and then to other the endpoint settings are not there anymore? Has anyone else run across this?


EPM version? I recall that being an issue on an old version.

Looks like I have version 13.0.127 installed!

That’s the current version, and EPM deets are showing for me on the other tab. You can access the same settings with Settings, EPM, Extension Mapping.

Yep I have been there but the extension I am working on isn’t an option for me when I select add I don’t get the extension I need to add in the list.

I also deleted the extension and re-added it and still don’t have the EMP options on the other tab or the number in the list to select and set up.


Sounds like you need a support ticket.

thank you will do!

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