Endpoints continually register and increase port numbers

Freepbx Distro 6.12.65-30 & Asterisk 11.19.0 - Endpoints are Mitel 6867 sets.

We have a number of sets at a branch office and it appears that they keep registering, and as they do they increase the port number by one each time they do, and this happens about every 45 seconds. Both ends are firewalled, no VPN between the sites.

-- Registered SIP '4261' at x.x.x.x:43496
-- Registered SIP '4265' at x.x.x.x:43495
-- Registered SIP '4274' at x.x.x.x:43497
-- Registered SIP '4261' at x.x.x.x:43498
-- Registered SIP '4265' at x.x.x.x:43499
-- Registered SIP '4274' at x.x.x.x:43500

This keeps running constantly.

There is one endpoint that is registered to 5060, and it does not count up, one set at another location that does not do this, and one at the host site that does not do it.

All endpoints at the branch office are programmed the same, or appear to be.

I have specified the port number in the configuration of the Mitel set, but yet it seems to ignore that.

Suggestions on what this might be?

Thanks in advance

Found an issue with the router firmware on the remote end.

Cisco RV082 with firmware 4.1, upgraded to 4.2 and problem solved.