Endpoints constantly rebooting on PJSIP extensions with multiple contacts

I have two PJSIP extensions that I have defined with multiple contacts in advanced settings. On one of the extensions (ext 300) I have an S300, an S400 and a DB20 configured through endpoint manager. The other extension has an S700, an S300 and a Yealink W60B configured.

At least once per day, all of the endpoints on one or both of the extensions will begin a continuous reboot loop. The asterisk logs show nothing unusual during that time except I see the endpoints going unreachable then unreachable. The extensions with single endpoints are unaffected. The only thing I can do to correct the problem is to reboot the FreePBX server. After the reboot, all of the endpoints settle down and operate as they should until it happens the next time.

Any thoughts on what I can do to figure out what is causing the reboot loops of the endpoints?

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