Endpoint won't install firmware - interface not populating

So I had this problem with an old version and it was a script +x issue.

Thats not the issue now. The error_log shows it downloaded at bootrom file but the gui isn’t populating with 1.0.4 in slot 1. (polycom firmware)

Any ideas?

Just installed today. version:
PBX Firmware: 5.211.65-11
PBX Service Pack:

BUMP! need some help here.

I will bite

What version of EPM?
What browser are you using?

I’ve tried IE11 and Chrome.
EPM version is

I actually did check the module admin for an Endpoint update and there wasn’t one. I see now there is. Looks like it was released on the 15th.

I see there are 30 or so modules that have updates since. Wow.
EPM seems to be working with the new version though when I installed the firmware it confused my browser. I had to close the browser it was stuck in an endless loop of some sort.