Endpoint Template Issues w/Polycom 330's

Yes, yes, I know this model is no longer sold and won’t be supported after 2014. But, until then, just wanted to share a tip if you are trying to create a template for the 330’s.

I have found the Distro environment will throw back a “unable to sync local template files - TYPE:0” error if you try to clone model SoundPointIP 330 from the SoundPoint/Station/VVX In-Production Models model classification. (ie “Can’t locate model in family JSON file”)

It appears the SoundPoint IP 330 model clone from the SoundPoint IP 3xx model classification might be your only option for these. Only reinforces the need to move forward and replace them with the 331’s, etc in order to take advantage of the additional tabs (line options and buddy lists) the newer classification offers! :]

Of course, there’s the option with going to a whole new brand as well.