Endpoint Reg/Dereg log and/or notification?

Good evening. I was wondering if anyone’s found a good way to view a log that contains merely endpoint registration/de-registration events… We’re having the occasional issue where the customer will contact us saying their phone doesn’t work, only to discover they’ve magically de-registered (their quick fix is to reboot the phone to re-reg). But, when we get those calls, we’d love to be able to look in a log and see that station did indeed de-reg at X time.

Along those lines, is there also any way to receive a notification when a station deregisters (don’t necessarily care about when they re-register, though I could possibly see benefit in that as well.



Endpoints don’t generally “deregister”, they just time-out the expected registration on the Asterisk server and you will get an unreachable state logged which is probably what you need to explore. Try:-

cat /var/log/asterisk/full|grep -i reachable

(this will filter such events in a default install). As you will see after watching that :-

taillf /var/log/asterisk/full|grep UNREACHABLE!

will provides you events you can send to mail to so notify. But it would be much better if you can fix the underlying network problems you have.