Endpoint Manger

Is there a option for Zoiper softphones? I have about 300 softphones that I would need to be able to povision.

This isn’t super practical as their “provisioning” gets packaged in to an installer from what I can tell.

Are any softphones supported in the Endpoint manager? I would hope that some will be sometime in the future.

No as very few softphones support retrieving config files like a hard phone does. I am not aware of any. Sure some exist but nothing comes to too of my.head.

Zulu UC might be a great option for you as it stabalizes.

A better track would be to contact the Softphone people and tell them “Commercial Class implementation requires central control and FreePBX does it like this:”. If they start pulling configs from a central location (the way SIP phones traditionally have) then EPM could follow the function.

Zulu is a good crack at this - I think it could shift the landscape by implementing a paradigm like this.

We use Zulu in testing purposes right now. For internal use with phone system it seems to work well. We have issues with it outside of the network (i have a thread on this without answers atm). I would LOVE to see Zulu have BLF function attached to it.