Endpoint Manger / Multiple Timezones

I’ve got Polycom endpoints in different timezones. I’m trying to understand how to set certain endpoints in different timezones – I see the global setting, which works great. On an individual endpoint, I don’t see how to do this.

I created new templates for the phones that are going to be in different timezones, but can’t seem to figure where I would specify what timezones those templates are supposed to use.

Kinda stumped, and any help’s appreciated.


You can’t…for now.

Coming soon.

When soon is I can not say

Thanks for letting me know – I was thinking I was doing something wrong.

Love the Endpoint Manager. How do I submit found issues specifically on the Endpoint Manager (for example, in the sip file for poly phones, the server address is being written to the config instead of the NTP server address)? I’d really like to help make it perfect.

You submitted it in the right place. Another place to submit phone specific issues is here: https://github.com/tm1000/Provisioner/issues

I vote for this functionality too. Thanks!

You can set the time zone for a Polycom phone by creating a template and at the end of the $mac_reg.cfg add this:

tcpIpApp.sntp.resyncPeriod is how often to sync with the time serer tcpIpApp.sntp.gmtOffset="-25200" is the GMT offset in seconds (-28800 for Pacific, -25200 for Mountain, -21600 for Central, -18000 for Eastern). tcpIpApp.sntp.daylightSavings.enable is for Day Light Savings.

This example would be for a phone in Arizona.

I have tested it on FreePBX and it works for me. Hope it helps someone else.

I neglected to convert the HTML to be compatible with the forum post. Here is what to add at the end of $mac_reg.cfg:

<TCP_IP> <SNTP tcpIpApp.sntp.resyncPeriod="86400" tcpIpApp.sntp.gmtOffset="-25200" tcpIpApp.sntp.daylightSavings.enable="0" /> &LT;/TCP_IP>