Endpoint manager


I 've setup, a sangoma template for my S505 phones.
When i ve applied the config to all the phones i want to ve specific button for some phones.

How can aplly these changes only to these 2 phones, without changing the whole templetate ?


you create a copy of that template (under tasks) and then make the change in that and assign the two phones to the new template

Admins and users can easily make button changes to phones without making a new template. In EPM, Global Settings make sure ‘Admin UCP’ is enabled. Then browse to EPM, Extension Mapping. Each configured phone will have a button at the far right, the tool tip says “UCP Custom Entries”. You can use that button to make changes for that one device, or reset back to template defaults. You can also grant permission to your users to do this themselves in UCP.

That’s pretty cool Lorne! Don’t usually deploy UCP widely as most users are scared to death of messing with things so haven’t looked into it really heavily. One or two power users per site usually is about it and that’s usually for general voicemail access.

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