Endpoint manager

Hi .I bought Commercial Endpoint Manager and payed for that but nothing added to my freepbx till ye after two days.

The licensing is immediate, but you must sync your PBX to the licensing server for the change to be seen immediately:

That said, your PBX would have sync’d automatically in 2 days, so there may be something else wrong. Did you purchase the license for the correct deployment? If problems persist open a customer service ticket at commercial support.

thank you so much

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hi again,please somebody guide me about config cisco 7970g with endpoint manager .
can i choose cisco 7975g or cisco 7971g when I try to create new template

Not supported.

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thank yo for replaying .Is there any way to config cisco 7970g with EPM

No as you can see it has no support. You can’t use EPM with it. Plain and simple.

Hi dear friends .
I did it.If somebody have the same problem ask may be my experience will be use full for him.

If you are willing to run the phone in SCCP mode,. you can install Chan-SCCP-B and use the phone in it’s native configuration. It’s not as simple as a drag-and-drop interface (you have to edit config files), but I’ve spent quite a bit of time explaining how to get it working with FreePBX in the Chan-SCCP-B Wiki.

How about you post what you did so when a user is searching they can find your solution.