Endpoint manager

I’m an old trixbox user that is trying FreePBX distro.
In all my old Trixbox intallations there was a simple but efficient tool: Endpoint Manager.
I can’t find similar tool in FreePBX.
I know there is a commercial add-on on Schmooze site but I’m looking for a simple, but, free tool like the old Endpoint Manager on Trixbox.
Is there anyone in FreePBX?
Thanks in advance

Look Harder. It’s free and called “OSS PBX End Point Manager” latest version written by Andrew Nagy.

The Description says

Publisher: Andrew Nagy
License: MPLv1.1
Description for version

OSS PBX End Point Manager is the free supported PBX Endpoint Manager for FreePBX.
It is NOT to be confused with the commercial version called ‘endpoint’.
The main differences between the two versions is that the developer of Commercial Endpoint works 30 hours a week paid by Schmoozecom to work on it.

More info: https://github.com/tm1000/freepbx-endpointmanager

I keep getting this #msg dicko
Please wait while module actions are performed
Downloading sysadmin Error(s) downloading sysadmin:

Unable to connect to servers from URLs provided: http://mirror1.freepbx.org/modules/release/2.10/sysadmin-,http://mirror2.freepbx.org/modules/release/2.10/sysadmin-

Hi dicko!
Thanks for your reply.
Where may I find a description of the features of this free module and step by step installation guide?
Thanks in advance

if your running freepbx then it can easily be installed with the module admin.

Thanks oxon88.
I’ve just installed it.
Now I’m looking for a step by step guide to best use and configure it.
Any idea on where to find the guide?


I’m not aware of any guide. its fairly straight forward.

first goto the configuration page and install firmware for the brand/model of phones you have.

Second, go into the advanced settings. enter the server ip address and set it to HTTP.- update globals.

next go into device list and scan for your phones. Add the phones and configure the extensions (lines) they will be using.

you will also need to enable option66 on your dhcp server so the phones get the config on boot.