Endpoint Manager

Does anyone have any contact details for the people who have created endpoint manager?

It seems to be out of date, and there are several models of Snom handset which are not in the endpoint manager - All the 7xx range, the 821 and the M9

Even the latest version, doesn’t have these handsets.

A lot of the wiki is broken and there doesn’t seem to be any contact details for these guys.

I bet if you googled for “end point manager” you might find a hit or two.

The project dev site is here:

Development is almost entirely by tm1000 on his own unpaid free time.

The 821 is in there.


I have no idea what “wiki” you are talking about. Because if you were talking about my wiki at http://wiki.provisioner.net then you’d have been able to EASILY find all of my contact information, which alan_mousty himself has used before.

Also what exactly is broken about it. I just transversed through the 5 pages that exist. Looks fine to me…


I have tried to contact you before.


where is the best place / method to post questions about the end point manager setup?
In this freepbx forum or somewhere on: http://wiki.provisioner.net some where?

For example… I have a tftp server setup ( and working ) on my freepbx/centos box. I have
option tftp-server-name “”;
in my dhcpd.conf file under the subnect section where my dhcp stuff for my phones is used.

But… unless I specifically tell my snom phone the tftp:// link on the update
section on the phone, the phone won’t ‘find’ the tftp server that I specified with my
dhcp server. It doesn’t look like the phone is able to access the option tftp-server-name “”; info that the dhcp server is supposed to be sending.


yep sorry I noticed the 821 was there after I posted.

The 7xx series and M9 are still missing though.

I still cant see any contact details in the wiki though. Most links that I click on come back with “There is currently no text in this page. You can search for this page title in other pages, search the related logs, or edit this page.”


You asked for contact details about who runs endpoint manager. In the past I’ve replied to both your forum posts and your bug reports (TWO ways to contact me) and yet you never replied. As far as I can tell you have my contact information!

On the initial page of the wiki it clearly states where the repo is located and on there is a bug reporter which is a third way to contact me.

My email address is clearly posted on provisioner.net (a fourth way to contact me).

What links are you talking about? Please specify!

You might have to actually put tftp:// as the server-name

heres a list of the links on the wiki, that I was trying to find contact details from. All of them come up with that error.


Someone eventually pointed me to your email address on www.provisioner.net since my first post. However there isnt any contact details on the wiki site that I can see!


Front page: ‘http://wiki.provisioner.net’. The line reads “The project is located at: https://github.com/tm1000/Provisioner” all the contact information is there. Clicking on my name yields ‘https://github.com/tm1000’ which has my email.

Those links you posted are wiki-media specific links. Something I suppose I should update. My point is that I have tried to contact you in the past, so I don’t think it’s all that hard to get a hold of me.

Considering that all of the relevant pages of the wiki work (eg supported phones, implementation, tftp) I wouldn’t say “a lot” of the wiki is broken.