Endpoint Manager Yealink Module

I just updated this module to the newest version and while it fixed a few issues, it also broke some other things.

First, it assigns the line / dss keys improperly so that the first 3 dss keys get configured the same as the line keys. I figured out how to fix that so if someone could point me to the right bug tracker for the module, I can submit that fix back to the project.

Second, the old module used to assign the SIP account to all of the line keys on the phone (i.e., a T26 with one account would have that one account assigned to all 3 line keys so multiple calls could be handled). The new module doesn’t do that so the phones can now only handle one simultaneous call. How can I go back to the old behavior?


Thanks for the report. I will look into this for you. There is no way to go back.

I think this is a false alarm. I removed endpoint manager, deleted the local copy, and reinstalled, then everything started working properly again.

I think the DSS keys are still messed up. I’ve gotten other reports. Can you confirm?

Maybe it’s a problem with the update. I couldn’t get things working 100% correctly again after the module update until I did the whole remove / reinstall.

For extra info, the phones are Yealink T26 with fw One of the things I experimented with was using the UK firmware ( but it didn’t help anything.

Well the update replaces files. If you were editing any of those files as root and then ran the update you’d run into problems because the system wouldnt be able to over-write those files.

I’ve run into the same problem with Line Keys being assigned to the first three DSS Keys. I was able to resolve the problem by editing the phone.php file
changed the last part of this function to add a +10 to the $line Variable
if(isset($this->options[‘linekey’])) {
if (($line >= 1) && ($line <=6)) {

I also modified the line_keys_22.xml file and changed the loop from starting at 1 and ending at 3 to starting at 11 and ending at 13 (That matches the memory key assignments for the line buttons on the Display of the phone instead of the DSS Keys)
The phone config files were showing that the line keys were being assigned to memory keys 1-3 instead of 11-13

Hope this helps. Last update I have has files dated Sep 7 2011

can you send me these files. I have a very limited amount of time normally and therefore things get prioritized.

I’d be happy too. Which files would you like and where would you like them sent to?

I’ve uploaded the corrected phone.php and line_keys_22.xml files via ticket 5411. (I’m new to the forums)