Endpoint Manager - Yealink Common Configuration files


I am working on a FreePBX system with the commercial Endpoint Manager and ~100 Yealink telephone handsets.

I need to add some common configuration settings for some Yealink phones. Normally (i.e. on a non-FreePBX based system), I would add common settings to the common configuration file (e.g. y0000000000xx.cfg). However, there is a note at the top of file warning “DO NOT HAND MODIFY THIS FILE!” and sure enough, modifications are overwritten when we update the FreePBX.

I am unable to find a way, either via the FreePBX Web Client or referenced in the documentation, to add settings to these common configuration files. Is there a way to do this ? If not, please could you advise best practice for specifying global configuration settings for all Yealink phones ?

Thank you


Basefile edit.

Click add entry at the bottom.

Looks like this when done.

Thank you for your help.

I was specifically trying to add custom settings to y0000000000xx.cfg.

However, I don’t think that is possible so I will do as you suggest and add the custom settings to a Template instead.

Thanks again.

In this scenario, either you use EPM or you do not.

You cannot mix and match.

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