Endpoint Manager with Grandstream gxp2160

I have just added a Grandstream GXP2160. After creating a template in the endpoint manager, the config file gets generated and placed in the /tftp folder with all the correct settings, but the #Acct 1 Authentication Password (P34) is left blank.

Is there something I am doing wrong? The password is set fine in the extension settings, and if I manually add the password via the webconfig on the phone it works fine until reboot.


I’m using EPM with the 2160 and not having any issues. I had a look at the config file and can confirm that P34 is also blank on my configs. I’m guessing that an encrypted version of the authentication password is saved elsewhere in the config file (P8214 perhaps).

Also, note that when you edit the authentication password in the phone’s web GUI, save, exit, then log back in, the Authentication Password field is blank.

FWIW: I can confirm that EPM works well with Grandstream firmware versions and It may be fine with earlier version as well but these are the 2 versions I’ve worked with.

Hope this helps – Steve

I have the firmware version on the gxp2160. In my tftp config file, I do not have a P8214. What version of freepbx and endpoint manager are you on? I imagine, it is probably time to update our setup to a later version to see if that clears it up.


Looks like I may have given you bad info. If I download the phone’s config file from the phone’s web gui, P34 is blank and P8214 contains a hashed value which I’m only guessing might be the authentication password.

However, if I look at the config file from the FreePBX tftp server, P34 does in fact include the authentication password and P8214 is nowhere to be found in the config.

I’m running FreePBX 12.0.57 and EPM