Endpoint Manager with Grandstream GXP2140

Hey there, I’m fairly new to endpoint manager.

I just set up Endpoint Manager, and somewhat successfully mapped it to an extension.

While the phone does pick up the config file and the phone registers without a hitch, it doesn’t seem to be setting the web GUI password properly.

I can not login to the phone with either the password that’s set in global settings, or the grandstream default of admin/admin.

Any thoughts on what could be the cause of this? Not having any luck finding similar reports.


EDIT: Thought I better add that I am using 6 digit numerical usernames and passwords as instructed.

By default in global settings the username/pass is admin/222222

What happens if you change that password? rebuild and reboot your phones. see if it works.

My apologies, this was user error from me being up to late and not reading properly.

I had read the two fields as username & password when really they are “user password” and “admin password”

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