Endpoint Manager with custom linekeys per extension?

I have a few extensions I would like to configure some of the spare line keys to be used as BLF for various extensions. I can’t seem to figure out a way to do this, other than creating an individual template for each extension and manually editing the basefile for each template to configure this. Surely there should be an option somewhere that I’ve missed which allows to set extra line keys on an individual basis?

Handsets are Yealink T46G

Yes. It requires the commercial module, UCP for EPM which allows users (and admins) to customize button layout using UCP.

Ok so I should have that module as I purchased the System Builder Plus bundle? I can’t seem to see the device management section in UCP. Do I need to install the module or something?

You need to set permissions in User Manager for what devices a user can manage in UCP

I have set the primary linked extension to user under Login Details in user manager and then under User Manager > UCP > Endpoint Manager I’ve added the extension to Endpoint Access. Is that what you are referring to? I do actually have an “Endpoint Settings” section in UCP which seems to let me toggle stuff like Find Me/Follow Me, but that’s server side config, not related to the individual handset, I still don’t have a device management section.

in the template, click on the device type (i.e. t46 or whatever you are using that template for)

Ahh thankyou, once I got the extension correctly mapped in Endpoint Manager with template and device type attached it seems to be working now.