Endpoint Manager vs Digium Phones module

I am confused as to the difference between using Endpoint Manager, the Digium Module and the Extensions screen in the GUI to manage phones. Obviously, the Digium stuff is for managing Digium Phones (I have a D40). But, I also have several softphones, and a Linksys(Cisco) SPA942. The Endpoint manager doesn’t SEEM to handle anything but standard hardphones, like Ciscos, Digiums, Grandstreams etc. Doesn’t list the Jitsi’s and Bria’s of the world.

So what’s Best Practice for using the Extension Panel vs the Digium Panel vs the Enpoint Manager Panels


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I have personally used DPMA for FreePBX and Endpoint Manager.

I can say that without a doubt, Endpoint Manager is better in many ways.

I too noticed the lack of pre-canned Softphone brands like Bria (Which is Counterpath). I personally use Zoiper more than anything on my Android and sometimes Zoiper for Windows/Mac.

But, for my Digium D70, I found Endpoint Manager so much better. The template manipulation, and UI is easier to understand for me and seems a bit more reliable.

I use some different features than most such as TCP instead of UDP, different ring tones for different lines, local and remote phones at home, at work where the PBX is, on my TMobile Hotspot, on my Tmobile phone, VPN’s like SSL VPN’s, OpenVPN, CIsco ASA, different codec priorities (which Zoiper on Android is AWESOME for) etc.

Endpoint Manager’s UI makes those kinds of changes much easier and I found that Digiums DPMA Module for FreePBX isnt as friendly for “internal” and “external” locations when it comes to building the configuration files, provisioning method(s), etc.

I have never personally tried it, but Bria has a cloud provisioning solution for Desktop and Mobiles that looks pretty cheap. You might check out Counterpoint’s website.

Theres no reason you cant have cloud provisioning for soft phones in addition to endpoint for your desk phones.

Just my two cents.


How did you configure the custom ring tones within EPM? For example, if I would like the ringtone to change from Digium to Techno… how would I do that with EPM? I have searched up and down for a manual on how the EPM functions, and found an older version featuring BETA software, but nothing concrete on how we can manage the configurations on a deeper level.

I have figured out how to program BLF and XML and the buttons… but not the sound settings and other items that are likely buried in there.



I would guess that you could do that in Endpoint Manager using the “Basefile Edit” function. If you have run the latest updates, it appears to me that Basefile Edit is broken for Digium and Polycom phones. I have put in a bug report for this.